Hatfield Fashion Show

We take a look at what Hatfield had to offer


Needless to say, with models threatening to drop out left, right and centre, clothes lacking dangerously close to the show and the bursar even threatening to call the whole thing off, hopes for this year’s Hatfield fashion show were not the highest.

Walking into the marquee on Sunday night however, I think everyone was pleasantly surprised, if not a little relieved to see that things had obviously come together. With the help of a “treasured knight in shining armour” and the ever diligent college staff, who helped coordinate staging, sound and a selection of sugary snacks.

A low and lengthy catwalk (a refreshing change) dominated the tent, surrounded by a cluster of tables where the VIPs got steadily drunker and rowdier. It was all too much for the College master, who stormed out momentarily after receiving a pot of bubbles (aimed at the models) to the head before proceeding to demand backstage that the show come to a premature end. Thankfully, it was refused and the finale went ahead.

With the price of tables set at 35 pounds each, Hatfield was the priciest college show to be at this season. It was a whole ten pounds more than HB, who got Jack Wills pants in their goodie bags and 20 more than Mildert, whose VIPs got so many freebies I can’t remember them all! So when excitedly delving into the depths of those paper bags, people expected a little more than a biro, some bubbles and a sheet of questionable tattoos (no matter how much we enjoyed plastering each other with them). I don’t want to sound stingy as I know it was a charity event, but a little more for our money would have been nice.

As would a theme for that matter; an opportunity to leave a mark was definitely missed here. The giant flowers on stage were a great touch that should have been built on. That certain “je ne sais quoi” that was so evident at the Mildert, Collingwood and HB shows was lacking here. It is those extra details that take you by surprise that make nights like these all the more special. If I am brutally honest some more imaginative choreography would also have gone a long way: individual catwalk is great if you’re Burberry, but more emphasis on the show and less on the ‘fashion’ is required on these college occasions I feel.

That is not to say it was at all a failure. An impressive 5200 pounds were made and a great time was had by all. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves whether they ended up in Klute, Market Vaults or had to make a tactical early exit to bed.