Sport Stereotype: A member of DUWRFC

THE ONE brings you this week’s sport stereotype, a member of your feisty and not so feminine, Women’s Rugby team.

cricket engineering Germaine Greer Jimmys MC rugby St Marys

Most likely to spend their time: in the weights gym
Most likely to be wearing: anything to avoid looking feminine
Most likely to be eating: a 16oz steak
Most likely to be drinking: a pint of bitter
Most likely college to be in: St Mary’s- drawn in by the ‘all girls’ history
Most likely to be reading: Anything by Germaine Greer
Most likely chat up line: ‘I’m into physical contact with girls…’
Most likely to get away with: entering a ‘Mens only’ rugby tournament
Most likely school to have attended: A strictly all girls one
Most likely relationship status: besotted with a member of her own team
Most likely to be out on a: social with the women’s cricket team
Most likely place to be found on a night out: chatting up the girls behind the bar at Jimmys.
Most likely quote: ‘What went on tour in Newquay…stays on tour in Newquay’
Most likely song to have on their IPOD: ‘If I were a boy’ Beyonce.
Most likely to be studying: Engineering.
Most likely to refuse to: wear make up.
Most likely to be kicked out of the club for: abusing the privilege of the new ice baths at MC…