The ‘HB’ fashion show

The One goes to Academy for the HB fashion show


By HB you know we mean Hild Bede (but ssh, we aren’t meant to say it).That’s their loss, as I’m sure everyone who can and can’t remember last Friday’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ show will agree, that despite a few technical glitches and some very rude male spectators, it was a huge success. Amy Cooper, Millie Jessel, Naachi Bolton and Roz Wikely raised almost £5000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The girl’s attention to detail was second to none, revolving each aesthetic decision around their theme. The wands, little red riding hood, the wolf song and the “eat me” labels on jars were fantastic little details.


We were all greeted with shots and champagne, and tables adorned with cupcakes and glitter and more importantly two bottles of vodka and three bottles of champagne, nipping the rumours about there not being any booze right in the bud. No guys, the girls hadn’t ruined the show before it had even begun.

The venue was jam packed within half an hour (perhaps even more so than on a Saturday night if it’s possible), with guests climbing on the bar and packing onto the steps to get a better view of those gorgeous Hild Beders, and token Hatfielders: Alicia Manley and Leo Morris (why his body isn’t being put to good use in their show will forever remain a mystery)!!

They certainly didn’t let their reputation of being the ‘fit’ college down, as slender, blonde, long limbed beauties graced the stage, beehives getting bigger and more bouffant as they went. They sported a super collection of clothes and strutted their stuff in a plethora of underwear walks.


The more skin the better and the audience certainly seemed to be loving it. We were big fans of the ‘Northern Monkey’ boxers and Jack Wills party pants (which we all got a pair of just in case we felt left out)! All very Durham!


They had some great raffle and auction prizes, with our favourite one being free entry to Loveshack and Academy for the rest of the year, which was bought by……… the absolute life boys themselves!


We felt bad for auctioneer Will Summerlin, who after sweating profusely under the stage lights wiped his brow with a pair of the Jack Wills pants. Unfortunately, no fair maiden caught them as he launched them into the crowd. The rest of us had a great night, and stayed in Academy lapping up the after party until the early hours of the morning.

The One loved:

– The different atmosphere: it was a much rowdier affair reminding us more of a lot of animals on heat packed around a watering hole. Who can blame them when there are so many sculpted limbs on show!

– The attention to detail: “eat me” and “drink me” labels on the sweets and drinks, need I say more!

– The Jack Wills party pants, getting a pair each was a plus!

– The numerous underwear walks had us all drooling and at the risk of sounding creepy: mmmmmmm