Man on a Ledge

And he’s threatening to jump…

film review man on a ledge

Ex-cop and now ex-con Nick Cassidy has recently escaped from jail and is attempting an historic diamond heist by setting up shop on the ledge of a multi-storey hotel.

It’s been slated by critics for having a ridiculous storyline backed up by dubious acting. 'Man on a Ledge' is also not the most ingenious of films; at one point we’re informed by an NYPD officer on a walkie-talkie that ‘We’ve got a man…on a ledge’– just in case this fact had been lost on some viewers.

Yes, the dialogue is cheesy and there’s the obligatory boobs-out-for-the-boys-bit when Action Barbie Girlfriend wriggles into a wetsuit, but the film also manages to hold your attention through sheer suspense. Even the steeliest nerves and driest palms would be tested with a view of NYC forty-one stories up.

There are satisfying gadget tricks and plot twists aplenty, so if you’re willing not to take it too seriously or look too hard for explanations, then ‘Man on a Ledge’ does enough to be entertaining.