Collingwood’s SWEET fashion show

We review Collingwood’s candy show


On Wednesday night, Lucy Swinton, Vicky Spedding and Livvy Wells treated us to their Collingwood candy themed fashion show, which raised almost 4000 pounds for Break Through Breast Cancer.

It was like “walking into a Willy Wonka wonderland” said one mesmerised onlooker. Indeed it was, each table was burgeoning with striped bags bursting with sugary treats, more had been scattered around. There were colourful cupcakes, smiley lollipop condoms, bubbles in ice cream cones and more.


Multicoloured bunches of balloons floated above heads, joined by the incessant flow of bubbles blown by guests and smoke, creating a dream-like atmosphere. We were all high on sugar before having had time to even contemplate drinking the copious amounts of wines that ensured a merry evening.

The walks were creative, almost theatrical, with each one telling its own story as the models shot cheeky winks and blew kisses at the audience. Sorella, Lipsy and Olivia Tarpey all provided a selection of flamboyant dresses which brightened up an already vibrant event.

Some highlights include the rugby boys bidding for a chance to go behind the scene on Loose Women (despite the presence of more ‘manly’ prizes) and the naked walk, where the models’ modesty was concealed only by giant sweets (what else!).

The One rates:

– The fun walks
– The models’ cheeky attitude
– The copious amounts of sweets
– The bubbles and ballons
– The condom lollies, fun and responsible they will have come in handy for more than one tipsy guest that night!