THE ONE brings you a weekly selection of Durham’s finest boys and girls representing their college

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The premise is simple: each week we take one very attractive girl and one very attractive boy from two colleges picked at random. We take a few pictures and then showcase the fitties on Durham One for your delictation.

For our inaugural edition, we see Trevs and Collingwood pitted against each other in what some are dubbing 'the Battle of the Hill'. Enjoy…

Let's take a look at our first lady and gent (first couple in the slideshow), from the award-winning architectural masterpiece that is Trevs College…

Name: Olivia Gleeson
Studying: Politics
Relationship status: Taken
About: Now living in the Viaduct, Olivia feels liberated after a claustrophobic first year on the Hill, commenting, "I was a big fish in a small pond!"

Name: Nick Goldberg
Studying: Engineering
Relationship status: Taken
About: You might recognise Nick from the Palatinate's 'Fittest Fresher' competition in 2010

A tough couple to beat, I'm sure you'll agree, but if anyone can do it then our lovely pair from the 'Wood certainly can…

Name: Coa Hand
Studying: Anthropology
Relationship status: Single
About: Coa has all the credentials, having just appeared in the Uni fashion show this year. Impressive.

Name: Jamie Bomford
Studying: History
Relationship status: Taken
About: Jamie is by no means the weak link in this pair, having also appeared in the Uni fashion show. He's also into "gymnastically challenging" antics in the bedroom. Get excited…

All that's left for you to do now is to use your discerning visual palette to decide who floats your boat, and vote below…


Fit College: Collingwood v Trevs