Hook-A-DUCK: Durham Blind Dating

DUCK invigorates the Durham dating scene…

Alex Mansell Charity dating DUCK



Now that Valentines has come and gone, there are still plenty of lonely hearts across Durham that could do with some action , and DUCK have provided the remedy for this.


Their version of Blind Date involves paying a £5 charitable contribution to fill in a dating form, which will then be used to match up the daters.


The forms are available all this week from college DUCK reps or online at http://duck-do.es/BlindDate2012. Paper forms can be deposited in boxes at college receptions. 


The deadline for filling in forms is 1st March, and the dates will be taking place between 5th and 8th March. On the day participants have selected, they are to head to Varsity at 7pm where they’ll be paired up and sent off to one of the many participating restaurants, which are all offering special £10 menus.


They are also granted free entry to Klute, where presumably they can either go in for the kill, or, if the date hasn’t gone as well as hoped, find some new talent.


Anyone can get involved, and can even request to double date with a friend, so daters will have moral support/extra bants.  

DUCK are also offering to play matchmaker, and for an extra monetary contribution, will make every effort to set participants up with someone they have their eye on.


Spreading love (/pulls) across Durham, DUCK have come up with an admirable way to raise some money for a good cause.


If doing your bit for charity doesn’t tempt you to get involved, think of the banter, laughs and potential action you might get out of it. Could be the best fiver you’ve ever spent…

Any questions should be directed to [email protected]