MIC Stars hit by the Whisky Fist

Made in Chelsea stars, Spencer and Hugo, in good spirits for an exclusive interview with Durham One

hugo made in chelsea spencer

On Valentine's Day, the stage was set for Made in Chelsea heartthrobs Spencer Matthews and Hugo Taylor to impart some of their debonair charm onto the female population of Durham.


Three hours before showtime a flock of giggling girls had nested around the setting, Whisky Mist, in eager anticipation. The crowd was made to wait as the stars arrived three hours late in true rockstar fashion, accompanied by vague excuses about filming overunning. 


It also appeared as if they had both embraced the Durham mantra of accompanying any night on the town with a generous serving of Dutch courage. The pair had allegedly been spotted on the train to Durham with a bottle of fine whisky for company.


This was mere speculation and the two gentlemen who ushered us into the VIP section were just as charming and suave as the television show would have you believe, if not slightly worse for wear. They brushed off any speculation as to the evening's drinking performance with a gracious apology and, under the watchful glare of the bar's manager, answered every question we could throw at them. 


 If you could spend Valentine’s Day with anyone dead, alive or fictional who would it be?
Hugo: My girlfriend (Natalie Joel for those who want a stalk) and Mila Kunis, we’ve talked about this and she’s ok with it.
Spencer: There are so many, (we suggest a few names), Adriana Lima and Lois Griffin.
We suggested our girl crush Rosie Huntington-Whitley, but he’s met her a few times and she’s over rated.

 Shoot, Shag, Marry: Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Meryl Streep?
They shot Dame Judy Dench, Married Meryl Streep (she’s got a load of awards and is really famous right now) and shagged Helen Mirren for her cracking rack.

 What’s your guilty pleasure?
Hugo: (straight away) Ralph Lauren. (According to Spencer this is just a pleasure)
Spencer: Starbucks chocolate frappuccinos.

 If you could give each other a Valentine ’s Day present what would it be?
Hugo: I’d give Spencer condoms. Spermicidal condoms….
Spencer: I don’t need them mate.

 Spencer, was Caggie worth the wait?
Spencer: The sex? NO.
(Ok so it sounded slightly less coherent ). At this point, Hugo accused him of having shocking interview technique. So he sat up straight, crossed his legs and decided to answer the question, Hugo style.
-Cags is of my best mates, but obviously there was so much anticipation that it could never live up to expectations and it was REALLY drunken.
Hugo: REEEAALLLYYY drunken!!


Just as it had begun, the interview was swiftly over and, with Spencer's promise that it had been his "best interview ever" to buoy us, we were ushered out. But not before a concerted effort on the pair's behalf to get us to stay, telling us that "you're the ones we want to have drinks with". Spencer, we’ll take a part on your show any day.