The Drinking Game That’s Sweeping* The Bubble

This game is destined for greatness; world wide fame; numerous ‘chunderous’ episodes and surely a university wide ban

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A game known as Cock In Shoe (Cock dans le Chausseur) is slowly but surely becoming one of the most promising up and coming drinking games in Durham.

The Rules


The game commences with a song, which can be sung by anyone on the social/involved in the pre-lash. It goes like this:


"Cock in shoe, Cock in shoe, let's play a game of cock in shoe."


Thereafter the last person to place their member and dangly bits inside THEIR OWN shoe – skin to sole – must consume the full volume of his beverage.

 For the duration of said "downing" this song must be sung:

"There's only one thing to do; Just put your cock in a shoe; 
there’s no rule number two; it's a game of cock in shoe."

N.B. Failure to place the whole of your member in a shoe and failure to partake in the game results in the full penalty of beverage consumption accompanied by song.

The Results

With scope for any tune this game is playable by anyone with a male member. In addition to this, there is no end to this game – as soon as one drink is downed the game can begin again. The volume of beverage consumed can be limitless.


This game is destined for greatness, world wide fame, numerous ‘chunderous’ episodes and surely a university wide ban.

Watch out for the next game in the series ‘flip-flop in flange’