Durham Drama – Week 4

Durham theatre is this week covering the most ancient and (almost) most modern pieces of drama in the western world

4:48 Psychosis David Knowles Fresher: The Musical Odyssey

After the first ‘proper’ week in the world of student theatre in Durham things are only getting busier. The exciting range of shows on this week really showcases the vision of the current crop of Durham dramatists. In fact, having done a tiny bit of Wikipedia based research; Durham theatre is this week covering the most ancient and (almost) most modern pieces of drama in the western world.

First up has to be the Odyssey. One of the greatest stories ever told, this epic is being performed by 3DTC at the Assembly Rooms. How exactly this team will approach one of the world’s most powerful epics will surely define its success or failure. It is a massive undertaking and one can only commend the ambition of the production team. The blurb it provides is happily encouraging; we are told the evening will consist of ‘one-eyed monsters and six-headed beasts, nymphomaniac fairies and murderous gods, and above all, the universal struggle of finding home’. Dusty ancient literature this ain’t!

Perhaps a lot closer to home to your average student is Fresher: The Musical. Charting the varying fortunes of a group of freshers in their fresher’s week this show will certainly strike a chord with students. Using the DSU as the venue (which for many punters will be the only time they enter into the student union all year) Fresher the musical is a must see for those wanting to relive their own freshers week (with added singing).

The last show of the week is again, completely different. Whereas Fresher the Musical is about freshers, 4:48 Psychosis is the Hild Bede Fresher’s play, slight difference there. Not an epic (although the description does promise a ‘cataclysmic conclusion’) or a musical, this show aims to delve deep into the human psyche as it follows the course of several relationships deeply affected by mental illness.

I think you’ll agree that we have quite a week on our hands and if every show lives up to its own hype (which has reached a quite wonderful level of hyperbole) some really interesting pieces of theatre to go and see. It only remains for me to say keep checking Durham One for previews and reviews and to get in contact if you want to join our ever expanding theatre team.

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The Odyssey

Venue: Assembly Rooms Theatre
Performances: Thursday 9 February at 7:30
Friday 10 February at 7:30
Saturday 11 February at 2:30
Tickets: £4 (DST)/ £5 (Student)/ £6 (Full)

Fresher: The Musical

Venue: DSU, Fonteyn Ballroom
Performances: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th February, 8pm
Tickets: £6 (FULL), £5.50 (Conc.), £5 (DST)

4:48 Psychosis

Venue: Caedmon Hall, College of St Hild and St Bede
Performances: 9th-11th February, 19:30
Tickets: available on the door or from the DST website