Cambridge goes Gaga

Corpus Christi allows Lady Gaga dissertation.

Cambridge durham one Lady Gaga

It has long been thought that our fair university offered some of the ‘quirkiest’ options for budding undergraduates, the latest of which being the ‘Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion’ module offered by the School of Education.

As someone who has completed the above module (I was in Slytherin, all the best people are), as well as being in the middle of a dissertation on motivational methods in computer games, I’d like to think that I’m open to many ‘unusual’ academic options.

However, it now appears as if Cambridge University have gone a bridge too far, with a third year undergraduate being allowed to write a dissertation on well known eccentric/mad as a house of squirrels singer Lady Gaga.

The undergraduate in question, Mr. Amrou Al-Kadhi, who studies History of Art at Corpus Christi College, decided to go ahead with the project after bringing up the artist’s videos in a module entitled ‘Modernism, Postmodernism and After’, and receiving good feedback.

Al-Kadhi’s proposal stands in opposition to the whole university and department’s need to protect Cambridge’s old-fashioned reputation and as such it took him several meetings to win their permission.

Whether he ‘did a Gaga’ and turned up in eccentric, wildly outlandish outfits is unknown, although many would claim it was an opportunity missed if he didn’t turn up in a suit made of the local butcher’s finest.

It is unknown exactly what the dissertation will feature at this point, although we can surely speculate that it will probably be every inch as bonkers as Mr. Al-Kadhi’s muse.

Will Mr. Al-Kadhi’s dissertation put him on the edge of glory? Or will it be met with poker faces all round? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.