Studio to Close Down

A Durham institution closes it’s doors.

Close durham Studio

By the time most of you read this, you’ll probably be at home, feet up, counting down the days until Christmas. Or maybe you’ll be looking forward to the New Year, and the seemingly inevitable fug of alcohol-induced amnesia that comes the day after the night before. But after the festivities, no doubt your mind will turn to going back to Durham. More specifically, I imagine that you’ll be nostalgic for the nights spent at Durham’s clubs, the holy trinity of Klute, Loveshack and Studio, pining for the days when you can get back on your alcoholic chariot in these fine establishments.

Well, unfortunately, one of this venerable triumvirate has bitten the dust, with Studio being the ill-fated establishment in question, with all staff being let go and the doors shut. The closing-down of the club came after Studio management became unable to afford the raised rent being charged by the building landlords.

It is believed that, whilst the volume of people going in has been high, drink sales have not been high enough to continue the club’s existence, as students have been unwilling to shell out for drinks within the club, preferring to consume most of their alcohol at the pre-lash in college bars or house parties.

It’s a sad day indeed when a club closes down, but it is hoped that ex-Studio site will be picked up by another nightclub chain shortly, with rumblings of a bidder already waiting in the wings. But until then, I would advise a new New Year’s resolution; to support your local clubs by purchasing more alcohol on site. In a responsible manner, of course.