Car Attack on Owengate

A series of attacks in the city.

attack Car durham Owengate

A lone female driver was left terrified after a group of 30 youths ambushed her car, bombarding her with threats and abuse.

The attack took place in Owengate, near Durham Cathedral (it’s the road to Palace Green) on Monday night at 10pm, as a group of individuals, all believed to be around twenty years old, jumped out of the darkness and began banging on the car windows. At least one individual attempted to get into the car.

The driver evaded them by driving forcefully through the braying crowd, but was nonetheless left shaken and upset by her ordeal.

The attack was reported to Durham Police by a witness, who described the act as ‘deplorable’. The witness has asked not to be named. According to the witness, this attack was not an isolated incident; it had happened twice on Monday night and has been repeated at least five times since October.

A Durham Police spokeswoman said that whilst the incident had not been a car-jacking, they still urged anyone who has been a victim of these attacks to come forward. Sergeant Steve Norris had this to say;

‘We are not aware of this being a major problem. However, if information suggests otherwise, we will take action to stamp it out… If anyone has experienced this type of behaviour, please contact me directly.’

Whilst the police were unable to tell whether the attacks were orchestrated by students, it is thought that given the age of the perpetrators and the fact that the attack occurred in a student-populated area, such incidents will only serve to inflame the strained relationship between town and gown. Regardless of the identity of the culprits, an internal email has been circulated by the university urging students to treat Durham and its residents with courtesy.

No arrests have yet been made following the attack, but an investigation has been launched and inquires are ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Durham Police on 0345-60-60-365. You can be anonymous.