Sport Stereotype: DUSSC Freestyle Skiier

THE ONE brings you the first stereotype of the new term, particularly poignant after the recent trip to Les Arcs, it is your typical DUSSC freestyle skiier.

chiller dussc hatfield les arcs Loveshack palatinalps red bull

Most likely to spend their time: posting extreme skiing videos on each others Facebook walls or their very own Facebook group (

Most likely to be wearing: a sweatshirt with space for about 5 people in it (because they are soooo gnarly.)

Most likely to be eating: Spending all of your time in the air and upside down doesn’t really allow for much food.

Most likely to be drinking: Red Bull energy shots.

Most likely college to be in: Hatfield a.k.a. the breeding ground of chillers.

Most likely to be reading: Anything on, ‘Skiing’s online community’.

Most likely item to grab in a fire: Their emergency avalanche gear because it protects you from EVERYTHING.

Most likely chat up line: You are almost as sexy as the powder that I skiied through today…

Most likely to get away with: Skiing from the Hill down to the Bailey when it snows in Durham.

Most likely school to have attended: Radley or any other school that encourages you to be a seasonaire on your Gap Yah.

Most likely relationship status: SINGLE. How could they cheat on their skis?

Most likely to be out on a: Weekend, after a long, hard week of chilling.

Most likely place to be found on a night out: Fabios, their sponsors.

Most likely quote: ‘Les Arcs is Our Playground’

Most likely song to have on their IPOD: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Most likely to be studying: Geography, because they just can’t get enough of mountain ranges.

Most likely to refuse to: ski on piste.

Most likely to be kicked out of the club for: attempting to front flip over the Loveshack barrier.