New Durham One Site Goes Live

WILLIAM SUMMERLIN canvasses opinion on the new Durham One

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The Durham One is back! This academic year really has been incredible. We started really strongly back in October and have continued to grow, culminating in our coverage of the sensational news of Klute's revamp over the Christmas break.


Some of our articles have racked up over 500 facebook likes. Not even national news sites enjoy that kind of participation.


While we at The One have enjoyed your reactions and comments, we feel you have much more to offer. This is why our new site allows YOU to give us the stories, news and opinions that are dear to you.


It's so easy, set up a profile, upload your photos, videos and story and we'll do the rest. If we think you have something worth saying, you'll be published the very same day!

Once published, anyone can become a fan of your profile, and you can link your stories to all kinds of social media.


So there you are. We hope you enjoy the new site and our hope is that you'll become more involved as the year goes on.


It is a truly revolutionary brand of citizen journalism and one that we hope you'll embrace fully. I earlier went to canvass opinion from the man on the street and it's safe to say they were brimming with excitement (see video).