What’s in Your Wardrobe?

Castleman Annie Trof invites us into her wardrobe for a peek at her style.


Castleman Annie Trof invites us into her wardrobe for a peek at her style.

What inspires your wardrobe?

I like paying attention to detail without being too polished. I often pick up on a certain fashion genre and incorporate a single feature from the look into what I wear. What attracts my interest varies greatly though- from seeking out a single item that matches, to completely rebuilding an outfit from pieces I already own.

Recently, I’ve loved exploring the androgynous look inspired by brands such as The Kooples. I also take inspiration from blogs such as The Sartorialist and even films have an influence on me. I love collecting images for inspiration, and I’ve been creating scrapbooks and collages on my walls for years. I also find magazines such as ID (which I was pleased to find out you can buy from WH Smith in Durham!) useful.

I don't limit my interest to women's fashion either- I'm obsessed with men's fitted shirts at the moment. The other day I spotted an image of some men's shoes and soon realised that I owned an identical pair! I think the Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2012 collection was extremely creative too. While the models walked, artists painted murals in the background inspired by Oscar Wilde and Frank Zappa. It was a real spectacle.

Whose style do you admire?

It’s difficult to say, as there hasn't always been one person whose style has influenced me consistently. However, I would say Leigh Lezark and Elisa Sednaoui (both have been Karl Lagerfeld's muse) have both inspired me- not surprising as to why! They avoid the generic 'IT girl' label, and contribute to the fashion house's name in more creative ways- Leigh often DJs for Chanel parties and Elisa featured on the Pirelli Calendar, shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. They are both slightly dark, almost grunge in the way they dress- it’s effortlessly cool. I always admire how elegant Carine Roitfeld is as well. To look like that at 57 is incredible! And of course I think Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld are both impeccably dressed, brilliantly creative men.

What brands do you tend to buy from?

I find it a shame that the headline piece from a fashion house such as Chanel, will take time to seep through the fashion hierarchy, and in doing so, eventually become mainstream on the High Street in a form that it never originally existed in. It sometimes feels like this process means you end up with a warped version of the piece, that lacks its original charm. Because of this, I tend to favour boutique brands such as the French 'Sandro', 'Maje' and 'The Kooples', which retain their authenticity. I like that they almost seem completely detached from the whirlwind of the fashion world, but have developed a name for themselves nonetheless. http://www.thekooples.com/

Some family friends also have an amazing shop called ‘The Powder Room’ in Oxford, and I treasure the items they have given me over the years. They source clothes and jewellery from London and Paris, so I you know that when you buy something from them, you have something truly unique. I also buy a lot of vintage items, and this silver coin necklace is from an antique shop near my home. Some of the silk scarves I have are from charity shops, and other items of clothes have been found in my parents’ attic- you never know where you might find something you love!