Sport Stereotype: DURFC

THE ONE brings you the first in a series of Durham University sports stereotypes. This week, it’s the ubiquitous DURFC. At the bottom of the page is our reality poll. If you’ve met our stereotype, rate 5. If this is balderdash, rate 1.

bucs protein rugby Studio Twickenham VIP

Most likely to spend their time: On Facebook, promoting.

Most likely to be wearing: a really expensive looking coat, standing on the door of Studio.

Most likely college to be in: Hatfield.

Most likely to be reading: Strauss’ ‘The Game’

Most likely item to grab in a fire: The Golden BUCS Medal

Most likely chat up line: “I won the BUCS final at Twickenham. Would you like my number?”

Most likely to get away with: girls spoon feeding them at mealtimes… because they won BUCS.

Most likely school to have attended: Tonbridge.

Most likely relationship status: Single. Relationships don’t last.

Most likely to be out on a: Wednesday (finally a night off from promoting)!!!

Most likely place to be found on a night out: The VIP area of Academy showing off their ripped rigs, hopefully in a hot tub.

Most likely quote: “It’s just banter and stuff” 

Most likely song to have on their IPOD: “Just can’t get enough” by The Saturdays

Most likely to be studying: Sport Science

Most likely to be eating: Protein.

Most likely to be drinking: Anything. All liquids must be consumed.

Most likely to refuse to: queue on a night out (they're VIP remember)

Most likely to be kicked out of the club for: talking to girls before midnight when they’re on a social.