Sport Stereotype: DUAFC

THE ONE brings you it’s next stereotype, your typical DUAFC player. At the bottom of the page is our reality poll. If you’ve met our stereotype, rate 5. If this is balderdash, rate 1.

absolute life Football hairstyles hild bede Loveshack

Most likely to spend their time: Infront of the mirror, perfecting their David Beckham hairstyles.

Most likely to be wearing: Their stash.

Most likely to be eating: Unknown. But we’d love to know what keeps them so skinny…

Most likely to be drinking: nothing too strong… a Smirnoff ice or WKD (with a straw)

Most likely college to be in: Hild Bede

Most likely to be reading: They can read?!

Most likely item to grab in a fire: Their V05 styling wax

Most likely chat up line: ‘I’ve got great ball skills. Want to see them?’

Most likely to get away with: wearing leggings under their shorts and a woolly hat to training (brrrrrr it gets soooo cold up here!)

Most likely school to have attended: Manchester Grammar School

Most likely relationship status: “Exclusive.” (Wetters)

Most likely to be out on a: Wednesday, if they make it out.

Most likely place to be found on a night out: Loveshack table hogging the Absolute Life camera.

Most likely quote: “REFFEERREEEEEEE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (after an outrageous dive for a penalty)

Most likely song to have on their IPOD: A selection of One Direction, Bieber and JLS…

Most likely to be studying: Sport

Most likely to refuse to: train in the rain, it could ruin the lid.

Most likely to be kicked out of the club for: turning up early to practice (footballers are chillers, swagger in 10 minutes late please.)