Sale Hate

Why I hate the sales


Needless to say i was not one of those mindless lunatics in Selfridges or Topshop you saw on BBC on Boxing Day; fighting tooth and nail, snatching and frantically grabbing at everything and anything in their path.


I wasn’t there the next day or even the day after for that matter. I was still basking in the festive ambiance, I was still snug, buried somewhere deep in the Cotswolds still feasting on bubble and squeak pancakes whilst others were being shoved and others stabbed.


The foot locker fatalities were not what put me off however; if I’m honest I have absolutely no desire to join the pack of chubby, smelly, grumpy limbs, squabbling over some horrid polyester excuse for one of the latest trends that probably don’t even fit properly. 


No sir-ee! I see the sales as a time to invest in some quality, well cut and timeless pieces. Silk dresses in Maje, lace dresses from B&SH, something fabulous from Alexander Wang and some “fit like a glove, feel good jeans” from J Brand. The list goes on.

Admittedly I’m expected to drop a good few hundred here, but I’ve been saving for this and they will look so much better than some Dorothy Perkins/ New Look combo. Non merci! Make the most of the sales, dig up some REAL bargains, a Zadig 400 pound dress for 60? Yes, now that’s what I’m talking about! And it’s the thing that I (and my friends) probably wear the most.


Go to shops that don’t have immigration office style queues, whose clothes aren’t flung and scrunched up on the floor but hung up and folded, and where a snooty sales assistant will put your items in a changing room you don’t have to wait for.

These places are sale bliss, nothing changes but the price. There are still things to be found weeks after the sales begin and the prices just keep on dropping. Don’t get sucked into sale madness, take your time, look, and buy something that will make you feel fabulous for years to come.

Money. Well. Spent.