Dowdy Durhamites

Why are we afraid of being fashion forward?


I was reminded over the holidays, having spent them at home in France and London, of just how well turned out people outside of Durham can be.


I suddenly, test found myself staring at passers-by left right and centre and wondering where they had purchased their glorious attire and how I could rustle up something remotely similar from the contents of my chest of draws!

Everyone looked so stylish, clothes fitted better, colours were brighter and coordinated and people accessorised. The streets were a fabulous smorgasbord of style. So I wondered, why do we dress down in D-town?


Given the varied student population, both in terms of style and wealth, that we are, why don’t more of us make a bigger effort? Why don’t we turn our heads at people thinking “phwoaarr” they look good?


Packing my case to come back up for the term, I left a whole assortment of trendy garments in my wardrobe. I mean would anyone appreciate one of the winter season’s capelline hats? Really!?

Personally, I have several theories:
1). We can’t be bothered. We have bigger things on our minds like summatives to do.
2). We are constantly too hung-over to care.
3). We don’t have anyone to impress.
4). We’d look SOOO over the top next to the ‘oh so casual’ Bailey stash
5). As Brits, looking like something walking into Condé Nast just isn’t part of our culture.

There are those reasons, and then the simple fact that people would laugh at you. Dare to wear some high heeled knee-high boots and a fur gilet to lectures and people think you’re ridiculous. Fact.


Rock up to Academy in heels and a dress (standard London dress-code) and people will mistake you for a local.


But until more people dare to dress, the pretty things will stay in the back of my wardrobe and I’ll blend in thank you very much.