Dundee Uni students have formed a ‘Tennent’s Appreciation Society’ after the SU bar replaced their favourite beer with Carling

A war for the right lager, that is.

After students at the University Of Dundee discovered that their Union bar had taken the momentous decision to serve Carling as opposed to beloved Scottish lager Tennent’s, the only solution for them was to form a society appreciating what they call “the sweet golden nectar.”

Forming the University of Dundee Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society, a group of what is now 50 fully paid-up, matriculated members joined by a common cause – enjoying Tennent’s, and getting it restored to the union bar. So far, their exploits include ordering 30 pints of Tennent’s for their members at a local Spoons.

Founder and President of the society, James Fleming, a 2nd Year Engineering student, had this to say: “The Union is a glorious place and a beautiful night out. I think it’s the best Union in Scotland. There’s just one issue. It’s not a place that I can go to get myself a cold pint of T, and it should be.” This agreed with the general sentiment of students on campus, who say they were shocked and saddened on arrival at the university to discover that Scotland’s No. 1 Union failed to serve Scottish Lager.

The Society was formed when, at home in his flat one night, James made a Facebook page promoting the Society. Before long, the page had garnered likes and gained momentum. An AGM was held, a committee elected, and the Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society was officially affiliated with the university. They held their first event just a few weeks ago, a pub crawl through the shining city of Dundee.

The founding members. (Partly colourised) (Circa. 2017)

“It’s hard to do a pub crawl that isn’t just like all the others,” said Niall Cameron, 2nd Year medic, member of the TAS, and a bit of a legend, “but my goodness did they do it, and well..” Others said it had not only been a great time, but that it was also for a good cause. The society hopes to see the return of Tennent’s to the Union within the next two years, but whether they receive co-operation from the Union, only time will tell. The TAS currently has over 50 matriculated members.

They ordered 30 pints for their members at their local Spoons.

We met with another member of the club in one of Dundee’s pubs frequented by the Societies’ members. While gently sipping a pint, he told us, “The Union may offer us Carling, or Blue Moon, or any other lager they might find, but none will ever compare to Tennent’s, and that’s the unfortunate truth.”

As closing remarks, Mr. Fleming told us, “Its simple. A Scottish University should serve Scottish beer. I have a strong, unshifting faith that we will see the triumphant return of Vitamin T in my time at this University. We are adamant on this. As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Dundee Students’ told The Tab Dundee: “DUSA does all it can to ensure best value for our students whilst ensuring that they still have the best experience possible and this is exactly what Molson Coors provides us. Whilst Tennents is enjoyed by many Scots and plenty of students still buy their tinnies from our shop, students at Dundee have no problem getting drunk on the cold, refreshing drinks provided by Molson Coors – whether that be Carling, Blue Moon, Rekorderlig or any of the other fantastic products supplied by our partner Molson Coors.

“The value on offer from Molson Coors is simply impossible for Tennents to match and we are fully committed to our partners at Molson Coors who continue to fuel plenty of legendary nights out at DUSA The Union and will for years to come!”