Dundee’s clubbers of the week

Strike a pose

The infamous Clubbers of the week has finally found its way to Sunny Dundee.

We’ll be bringing you the top clubbers that Tayside has to offer every week, from the ‘So Damn Glam’ to Fatties’ finest and everything in between.

Without further ado, the main awards.

Stunners of the week

Your eyes will never be that blue. (Gavin McLaughlin)

Runners up

(Samuel Hill)

Check that hollywood smile (points for rogue hand in the background) (Claire MacDonald)

Photobomb of the week

Impeccable timing (Gavin McLaughlin)

Hero of the week

Look at this cheeky chappy. He doesn’t care that his dissertation is 6 weeks overdue, or that his crippling student debt is going to have been for nothing as the economy collapses around him. (DUSA the Union)

Heroines of the week

*Insert empowering Beyonce quote here* (Jessica Borwell)

BNOC of the week

A special mention here for our new Student Union President, Mr. Tim Hustler! (Gavin McLaughlin)

Beards of the week

(not so) little ‘n’ (ridiculously) large. (Lily Hassioti)

Mutant of the week

I don’t think she got the mingin’ men memo. (DUSA the Union)

Pout of the week

All right Tom Cruise, that’s plenty. (Craig Murdo

Squad of the week


Best of the rest

“Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart.”  (Gavin McLaughlin)

Sorry mate, don’t think you’re meant to be here. (Lily Hassioti)

That height difference… (Craig Murdo)

You poor, poor man. Forced to fraternise with such hooligans. (Claire MacDonald)

Ahem. (Samuel Hill)

And here we have the cheeriest face, not only of the week, but probably since the beginning of time. (Justina Smile)

Look at that jawline. (Justina Smile)

Zzzzz. (Gavin McLaughlin)

(Craig Murdo)

(Gavin McLaughlin)

(Gavin McLaughlin)

(Gavin McLaughlin)

(Craig Murdo)

Disco Winch (Gavin McLaughlin)

Mr. Grey will see you now. (Gavin McLaughlin)

And the ‘best’ left til last. No comment needed.

(Craig Murdo)

Thanks to all venues and photographers.

DUSA the Union/Sin City/ Skint – Gavin McLaughlin

Underground – Justina Smile, Samuel Hill & Claire MacDonald

West House – Craig Murdo

Club Tropicana & Club Vogue – Craig Murdo

Liquid – Jessica Borwell

South Tay Superstore – Samuel Hill & Craig Murdo

Good Shout Photography