DUSA St Patrick’s Day in pics

Green with envy

Little Ireland, New Dublin, the leprechaun’s home away from home. It’s common knowledge that a huge number of expats make their way across the Irish Sea to the banks of the silvery Tay, but never is it more obvious than on the 17th of March. For every genuine citizen of the emerald isle, there are 50 more claiming their Irish heritage, and where more suitable for everyone to celebrate than the Union (oh, the irony).

We’ve chosen our favourite snaps from yesterday’s celebration…

paddies 1

Oh stop it, he’s undressing me with his eyes.

paddies 15

David Luiz enjoys the union’s atmosphere, but not its choice of music.

paddies 13

The young man at the back has just been told that there isn’t any gold at the end of the rainbow 

paddies 12

You cheeky little rascal.

paddies 14

A selfie so good that a picture had to be taken of said selfie.

paddies 11

Jim Carrey just phoned, he wants his Riddler costume back

paddies 9

Strong headgear

paddies 8

Not even drunk. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Stone. Cold. Sober.

paddies 7

These young ladies doing their bit to provide a bit of culture to the day’s proceedings, showing us a traditional Irish greeting.

paddies 5

Presuming that coffee has Jameson’s in it…

paddies 6

Yup, definitely had Jameson’s in it.

paddies 4

Guinness has never appealed to me so much before.

paddies 2

Absolutely ecstatic

paddies 3


Absolutely ecstatic with added beard


Scooter was disappointed to find out he was not headlining mono later that evening… and that it was not St Patrick’s Day 1997.


I really hope this lad recovers from his earlier disappointment


She thought she was attending the Reading Rooms, but her friends made last minute plans