Cov students wake up to find a stranger passed out drunk in their house

He’d even pissed on the kitchen floor

A student living at Willowbank Mews woke up at 10.30am to be greeted by the sight of random drunk stranger, fast asleep on their sofa, wearing only his pants and a t-shirt.

Initially startled and unwilling to confront the man alone, she ran up the stairs and locked her room. A panicked message sent to the house group chat entitled ‘EMERGENCY’Fortunately, her boyfriend was there to help.

It seems the man had entered when he was drunk in the night and fallen asleep. Her housemates woke up soon after and were all very vocal about their disbelief as to what they were witnessing, although no amount of noise seemed to wake up the man initially. 

Annie, a second year student living at the house, told The Coventry Tab: “I felt very uncomfortable and, not gonna lie, a bit scared because I was the one to find him and none of my housemates were up”.

The intruder, believed to be in his 40s, was well and truly out for the count. He’d taken off his Gucci sliders and jeans at some point in the night in his effort to get comfy.

Eventually, the joint effort in creating a cacophony of noise was enough to wake him. The boys in the house calmly explained “you’re in the wrong house mate”.

He refused to believe them and to everyone’s amazement, fell back asleep. He was once again awoken and told “you need to leave”, to which he replied “this is my house now, I’ll leave when I want to”. 

Recognising there wasn’t much they could do, the occupants rang the police to explain the situation. Upon hearing the police had been called, the man put on his trousers and fled the house quickly.

Thinking all was well again, the students entered their kitchen to find he’d left a pile of piss all over the kitchen floor. He’d also rummaged through the house’s cupboards (also dripping with piss), having made a vain attempt to cook, although it is unclear what food was taken.

It turned out the ordeal was enabled due to the front door being left unlocked after a hasty return from a latenight food collection, coupled by the security guard finishing his shift just two minutes before the man entered the property.

It’s believed he had no malicious intent, and was just in need of a place to stay. The tenants can now laugh about the occasion, but are keen to warn others to always make sure their doors are locked. Stay safe people.