Here’s how to keep yourself busy during lockdown in Cov

Don’t panic, we got you

Over the summer months, we were blessed to have some freedom again as restrictions were lifted and people were able to go outside again. But with cases rising, there is a fear that all of this might come to an end and we will have to go back into lockdown.

However, the good news is we have done it once before and we can do it again. Here’s our definitive guide to help you learn how to make the best out of a lockdown situation in Coventry, this time we are switching out TikTok for some more productivity and self-care. (okay maybe we can still have a scroll through TikTok because that app is soooooo addictive!)

Maybe this time, we could study

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You’re probably thinking, who wants to learn in the middle of a lockdown when we study all year round? This is true, however one of the best things you can do during a lockdown is educate yourself. Why? Because it keep your brain healthy, boosts your confidence, expands your career options, improves communication skills and these are only a fraction to what education can do for you.

If you think about it, it is probably one of the best investments you would ever make. Yes, e probably won’t be able to pull all-nighters in the Lanchester library anymore but don’t let it stop you. You could learn a new language, listen to some interesting podcasts or try a different online course. Make the most of your time inside and try and better yourself.

Or you can definitely relax

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Lockdown can be really intense and stressful as we all know, sometimes it is healthy just to take some for yourself and relax. Not only does it help to gives us a clear mind, it benefits the body too. Keeping the body relaxed helps improve digestions, reduce blood pressure and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Practicing relaxation helps to deal with challenges we may face by reducing anxiety and stress which helps to focus our brains and make better decisions. Listening to music or watching a film can be a great way to give yourself a break. For more engaging but relaxing activities, try some yoga or meditation to calm your mind.

Be better, not bitter

Kind of similar to education, just that this one involves finding a specific skill and developing it. This year we have been lucky to have had so much free time to do basically whatever we wanted. If we are blessed with another lockdown, instead of panicking or moaning about it, we should embrace it as an opportunity to develop a new skill.

For uni students, developing our writing skills can be extremely helpful. Even teaching yourself how to cook (yes, this means no more deliveroo) can be a skill you can use for life. You could even, try and be more creative and try your hand at some drawing or creative writing.

Stay in touch with your mates

All clearly loving lockdown

2020 is the year of social distancing but that doesn’t mean we can’t socialise, we just have to change our methods. Socialising can boost your mood so much. Being around the people you love makes you feel happy and secure, which as students isolated from our families, is exactly what we need.

Socialising can have a positive impact on other people too, sometimes just a long phone call with your bestie can make their day. Facetime them and show them around your student house, start doing zoom quizzes (lowkey miss them) or just a good old phone call.

We stan some self-care

Self-care is essential. It’s good to feel good about yourself. The more loved, confident and happy you are within yourself, the more positive energy you put out into society. It is a good habit to take some time out to spend some time caring for your body and mind, everyday we are faced with the challenges of life and as students we are under immense pressure.

So if we go into another lockdown, remember to prioritise yourself because self-care is key. Puregym may be shut but exercising at home with your pals can still be just as good. If you’re able too, spend some time outside, if you’re blessed enough to have a garden please use it. And obviously skin care is always a must.

The thought of a potential second lockdown is scary, but do not be afraid. Embrace lockdown and all the free time we will have to improve ourselves. Make the most of the bad situation and work on yourself, even if it’s just a little bit.