VIDEO: Group of over 20 white Coventry football fans corner and throw items at two black men

This comes just days after Coventry Black Lives Matter protest

A large group of over twenty Coventry City fans cornered two black men near Coventry city centre this Tuesday.

The incident took place on Tuesday near the Lady Godiva statue where placards and signs were left following Sunday’s Black Lives Matter protest. The crowd gathered to celebrate news that Coventry City FC had been promoted to the Championship.

Police swiftly arrived at the scene to calm the situation and are currently investigating allegations that one of the victims had a knife. The video which has circulated on Twitter and Facebook has caused outrage online with many shaming Coventry for it’s racism despite being the ‘city of culture’.

One user who shared the video on Facebook said: “My god these words are ringing in my head. This is fucking disgusting, every single person in that video is nothing but a disgrace and to think this is Coventry “city of culture” go fuck yourself. All of those men, women, children, teenagers chasing down two boys of colour, screaming racial slurs, hurling objects at them and for what? Don’t even try me that it’s because someone said “he’s got a blade” because if that’s the case, they wouldn’t need to be racists bastards would they?

“To all of you that were outraged at the BLM protests not because you’re racist obviously, but using excuses because of Covid-19, even though the majority of people at the protests wore masks or because of the violence, when the majority of people at the protests were peaceful. WHERE IS THE SAME ENERGY FOR THIS? All of these people pissed up not giving a shit about Covid, just wanting to make it known that Black lives obviously don’t matter.

I swear to god if those of you who have screamed “i’m not racist but Covid, violence, the uk isn’t racist” you best feel the exact same way, if not I’m even more outraged by this. and if you can sit and share negative bullshit about BLM but claim you’re not racist, then not say a single word about this atrocious racist behaviour, then it sure as shit don’t look good for you does it? I wanted a day off from schooling people today, but racism doesn’t have a day off, so here we are”.

West Midlands Police have released a statement on the incident which reads: “We’re gathering information and video footage in relation to last night’s trouble in Coventry city centre. We need the public’s help to establish the complete circumstances around what happened. The footage we’ve seen so far shows our officers moving in to protect two young men who were the target of a violent attack from a large crowd. Those officers put themselves in harm’s way − in the face of bricks and bottles being thrown at them − in order to protect those two men and prevent the situation from escalating.

“The officers were acting on information the two men may earlier have been in possession of a knife or knives. Given that information, one of the men was handcuffed while they were both searched. They were not found in possession of any offensive weapons, they were not arrested, so our officers again escorted them away from the crowd in order to keep them safe”.

The statement ends by concluding that the any hate crime that is identified will not be tolerated and action will be taken.

We will update you on this story as we get more information.