This is what Coventry looks like during lockdown

These images show the city abandoned during the pandemic

With Covid-19 still ripping it’s way through the UK, Coventry has transformed into a desolate, soundless city. It is sad to think of what Coventry used to be compared to what it is like right now. Once packed with students on their way to the library for that last minute assignment, or off to spoons for some drinks and giggles.

There is no denying that everything is miserable right now and ‘normal’ may seem very far away, but this did not stop final year student, Elisa, taking the opportunity to take these captivating images of Coventry on lock down.

An empty Godiva Square with Primark shut down at the end

The library bridge is completely empty

Advertisements are now messages of support for the front line

this picture is eerie but also beautiful at the same time

There would have been people here walking to JJ’s on a Tuesday… now it’s just empty

Elisa posted the images on social media saying: “I took these on my journey home from work, I don’t often walk back at 10pm but there was a shortage of ubers available in Warwick. I guess there’s less demand than in the city centre. The silence makes me feel safer, I used to walk around Madrid at 3am as the city was asleep, I used to explore the palace and empty metro stations without being bombarded by tourists. So at 10.45, I took these whilst en route home. The city was so quiet. No students where I’d usually expect to find them, no one smoking on the grass steps by the library, no madness on Far Gosford street, no one in the square/bars/restaurants- which is all great to see. But it was something I’d never expect to see whilst here studying. Just documenting weird times and enjoying walking home feeling rather unusual. I’m also surprised at what I managed to pick up on an iphone camera in very low light”.

This would have been full of people normally

Another amazing shot of the library bridge… empty

The restaurants would have all been open and full of people enjoying food and drink

On a Wednesday night this would have been packed with people going to sports socials at Empire

Thank you to all of the key workers, NHS, police, supermarket workers, all of you!!

This is a very difficult time we are living in but it won’t be forever. Thank you to all key workers, you are doing an amazing job to keep the country running as normally as possible. Stay safe and stay home, we will get through this and be back to normal before you know it.