An application has been made to turn Kebab Rush into student flats next year


An application has been made to Coventry City Council for a building of a new 60 one-bedroom student apartment blocks on the site of Kebab Rush on Far Gosford Street.

The plans require permission to demolish Kebab Rush and replace it with two blocks of student accommodation. The front block is proposed to be five-storeys high while the rear block is proposed to be seven-storeys high.

The space between the blocks would be a courtyard. In the front block, a retail unit would occupy the ground floor which would have a restaurant, cafe, takeaway or shop.

A planning statement on behalf of the applicant states: “This application submitted seeks permission for purpose-built student studios in an area which is a sustainable student location due to its proximity to the university. The flexible retail unit on the ground floor will comply with the requirements within the retail centre of Far Gosford Street. The design of the proposal has been carefully considered to harmonise with the existing context in terms of the use, massing and material palette”.

The details of the applicant are currently unknown and are being withheld by Coventry City Council.

The plans have been announced just days after Empire announced it would be moving venue to the city centre.

Coventry students are shocked by the news, with Kebab Rush being one of the most beloved and highly esteemed eateries in the city. Ruby, a Coventry student, told The Coventry Tab: “Where am I gonna go to stuff my face on the way back home now? I’m sorry, Benny’s just does not cut it. The memories in Kebab Rush, I feel like that’s where the students all start their uni experience, almost like the heart of the student area- the night version of Gosford Sainsbury’s. I hope they open a new k rush or something just as good (and tacky) near the new empire!”