Cov Uni introducing ‘no-detriment’ policy so grades cannot dip below current average

It will help the students amongst the coronavirus pandemic

Coventry University has confirmed that it will be implementing a no-detriment policy for students in relation to their final semester assessments this year.

After discussions between the University and the Student Union, as well as feedback from students and staff, the University officially decided to implement the policy today.

The details of the policy are due to be confirmed on 6th April and will be shared with students afterwards.

Professor Guy Daly, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Education and students sent an email to all the students informing them about the policy.

Uncertainties have been brought about due to the pandemic COVID-19 and the university has introduced the “no detriment” policy as a result, so that students are not disadvantaged by the effects of the pandemic.

Coventry University also has given two weeks extensions for the coursework deadlines which is also designed help relieve the pressure from the students.

This comes after multiple other Uk universities, such as Exeter, Sheffield and Royal Holloway also chose to implement this policy.