Coventry IKEA set to be renovated into a new four-floor nightclub after closure

It’s due to start running day sessions in the summer

The Coventry IKEA building is set to undergo construction to become a new four floor nightclub this year, “once the coronavirus lockdown is lifted”, The Coventry Tab can reveal.

The company taking over the building’s lease have announced that, providing lockdown ends by August, the club is set to open with weekly day sessions events in the summer. Someone grab me a beer – immediately.

IKEA announced it will close it’s Coventry store this summer however it hasn’t yet been clear what will replace it until now.

Fapril Ools, head of the events company which purchased the building, told The Coventry Tab: “Much of the iconic blue cube IKEA building will be maintained, but will be repainted black to avoid association with IKEA.

“Construction plans are currently focused on removing the top two floors and replacing them with a rooftop garden set with a balcony, fake grass and a DJ set.” Lots and lots of summer vibes for the gram, basically.

He continued: “The ground floor is set to be an indie/rock room playing bangers from Arctic Monkeys to My Chemical Romance. The first floor is to be split into two separate rooms, one that plays 80’s/90’s music and the other is set to play RnB tunes. The second floor is to be the ‘main floor’ playing club music with strobe lights and lasers. The third floor is to be a techno/bassline room due to popular student demand and the genre becoming increasingly popular.”

The Coventry Tab can also reveal that Jason Fox will be running the events for the nightclub. He said: “I’m really excited about this new project and excited to see what what new freshers will think when they arrive in September. We’re planning to trial a bunch of events across the summer and see how well they do in preparation for the next academic year. I’m extremely excited and proud to be working on this”.

The name of the new nightclub is currently unknown and we’ll never find out because check the date guys, Happy April Fools Day.