Here’s how to decide whether to self-isolate at uni or at home

Quarantine got me questioning whether I’m an introvert or an extrovert

We’ve all thought about it. Where would I rather self isolate? Uni is a shambles, loo roll is sparse, the world has gone shit crazy. To help others, and of course yourself, staying at home is the best option. But where is home? Your quiet sanctuary that you’ve spent making your own little (very expensive) space, or back home in your bedroom full of your Bratz dolls or Megan Fox posters on your wall.

So let’s weigh up the good and bad of them both, to make the decision a bit easier.

Uni house/flat

Pros: Ah, peace and quiet. Proper peace and quiet if your roommates who can’t stop shagging or blasting their boyfriend’s terrible SoundCloud rap out their Alexas decide to leave now too. You can wake up every day at 12:30pm (not that you haven’t been anyway) without any guilt because uni is all online. Go to bed at 3am after binge watching all of The Stranger in one sitting. Here, you control time, you are your own master, and life is good. Except maybe a little lonely.

Cons: Okay a lot lonely, you miss your friends who have probably all gone home in the pandemic, and of course you miss the family back home. Are your friends going to start worrying about your sanity when you’re trying to Facetime them 5+ times a day (whatever happened to MSN live? This would be a great time for a relaunch). But you’re free to start whatever hobby you’ve always wanted, sing along to all the ABBA songs your heart desires and make as many experimental meals for one as you can scoff. Shame there isn’t one player board games.

Disclaimer, this is a filter and I actually really wish I could get my hands on a mask.

Mum’s house

Pros: You know Mum’s always got something amazing cooking, and sometimes feeding yourself just seems too much effort when you’ve been working really hard at napping and drinking tons of coffee. I tell ya, it really takes it out of you. So at least the cupboards are full, tummies are happy. Which brings us onto our next positive: No more paying for your own food.

Let’s be honest, all those Susan’s and Karen’s are well prepared for a UK lockdown. She’s been on the front line, stocking up on loo roll and hand sanitiser when all this was just rumours, let alone the mess it is now. And you’re running out of that Sainsbury’s super soft nine pack you thought was going to last you a decent amount of time.

Maybe it’s time to stop kidding yourself and admit Mumma’s got you. But Mumma’s also got it in for you. Which brings me to…

Cons: You’re in their house, their rules. Get ready for a hella lot of restrictions that you are just not used to after living on your own for so long. Chores. Actual chores you’ve been asked to do, not because you’ve had a sudden spark of influence after stalking Mrs Hinch’s spotless Instagram.

And your bedroom, the space that’s your own, your one place you can run away to – well I can guarantee no one understands that at home and barges through your bedroom door anyway. Which will lead to arguments, something you’re just not used to unless it’s a drunk argument with the mate that always pushes it too far when you’re stumbling down the Kasbah ramp home.

I’m afraid, you gotta make your own decision. Choose whatever’s right for you, but take into consideration we don’t know how long we might have to actually stay in quarantine for yet. Please stay safe, and wash your hands you detty pig.