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Essential items Cov Uni students need when self-isolating

Stock up on these so you can still have a lit end to the uni year

Many people who are suspected of having Coronavirus are being advised to self-isolate. People who are the most vulnerable to this virus should take extra safety precautions which have been distributed by WHO and the NHS. However, a vast amount of people will have a mild to moderate illness which will feel like a cold.

We feel as though Cov uni students should create a lil shopping list and stock up on the ultimate essentials so they can still enjoy uni in these next few months. Here are a few things which will help you through the pandemic.

1. Vodka

This one is a given. Since you’ll be unable to attend the club anymore, just bring the club to you. Put on your best playlist, mix those drinks and dance it out in the lounge. Also if any of your friends are also ill, you can all come together so that you can be sick together and still be a party animal! Self-isolation at it’s finest.

2. Condoms

Because most places will be closed there really isn’t much to do. At least if you’ve got enough condoms then you’ll be able to pass the time by getting frisky. Condoms mean that it’s safe, and it can be quite time consuming if you’re lucky. And it means you won’t consume germs into your body.  It’s a win win really.

3. Frozen Pizza

Students eat enough pizza so you’ve probably already got enough in your freezer, but buy more just to be safe. Mix it up with a variety of toppings, maybe a margarita for breakfast, ham and pineapple for lunch, and bbq chicken for dinner. There’s so much variety, this food choice isn’t going to get boring. And there’s always Basement Browns on Deliveroo for when you’re really desperate.

4. Comfy Clothes

No need to dress up nice to impress because all you’ll be doing is lying in bed or lying on the sofa. If we wanna recover quickly then we need to be comfy, so throw on your slob clothes and blankets, and put your fave Netflix series on. Since you’re isolated, you can always watch the same thing as your bestie and Facetime so you’re basically watching it together. Genius I know.

5. Cough Syrup

I reckon you’ll only need a few of these, and you’ll probably still have some from freshers week so you should be all good. These will help ease the symptoms so that you can feel a bit better when you’re sick. This also means that you can power through your uni work from your bed without feeling like you need to sleep for 20 hours.

6. Laptop

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Essential when completing uni work when you can’t go to the library and this will be your main port of communication with your lecturers when you’re isolated. Saying that, it will also be a source of entertainment at 4am when you can’t sleep and you end up watching videos of animals doing funny things on YouTube (yes we’ve all been there).

Remember, if you are suspected of having coronavirus, please seek medical help and self-isolate to help prevent the spread of the virus and to aid your recovery.