Clubbers of the Week!!

Here again, and as drunk as ever

With everything happening right now, it’s definitely time for a big fat pint and a cheeky boogie. Despite everything, Cov students are still going out and absolutely killing it with plenty of alcohol flowing.

Clubbers of the Week is back and it’s ready to show you the good, the bad and the absolutely smashed of Coventry. Here’s our faves this week – the drunkest, the weirdest and the friendliest.

Clubbers of the week

All the smiles

Runners Up

They’re clearly having so much fun

Squad Goals

So much spice in this pic

Sleepiest Clubbers

Just so sleepy


Friendliest Clubbers

Love you baby

Best Dressed

There is so much to say about this picture – they really do say 1000 words

Weirdest Moment

How did they get there?

That’s how

Best Facial Expressions

This is hilarious

Same energy

Hungriest Clubbers

Doughnuts are great tbf


Photo Credits courtesy of JJ’s, Kasbah and Empire.