A student version of Uber Pool is coming to Cov this month

It’s made just for students

An app called Letspool is launching in Coventry in March 2020, and is designed exclusively for students to save money and cut commute time.

It basically like Uber Pool but just for students, which means you can meet drunk mates on your way back from Kasbah and tell them your life story.

In the app, the student drivers post the place and date of their journey and then the riders can book on and they just have to contribute towards the fuel costs. It’s kind of like hopping in the car with your mate who’s going the same way as you.

All the users must verify their student identity before accessing the app’s features which means you’re less likely to end up with a weirdo, basically.

Connor Leak pitching his Letspool app idea for the first time.

Connor Leak, the founder of the app told The Coventry Tab: “Letspool has been created for students by students. Providing a ride-sharing platform exclusively for students, allows us to create a unique experience for students, with an emphasis on safety and comfort.”

Cov is also the first city it’s launching in, so we’re glad we finally get to be first in something. But mainly we’re excited to have an Uber ride where they actually let us use the aux. Maybe you’ll find the love of your life, or at least save a little bit of money.

For more information visit the Letspool website.