The Flying Standard is being refurbished and getting a roof terrace

It’s part of a new refurbishment

The Flying Standard, one of Coventry's most popular Spoons and biggest pubs, is being refurbished this year and given a roof terrace.

Located on Trinity Street, The Flying Standard has been sold to a private investor for three million pounds, but manager Gavin Healy says that the Weatherspoon pub is still very much open for business, and will be for the foreseeable future.

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The new refurb will see the upstairs of the pub get a makeover, with more seating available to customers as well as the roof terrace.

It will be closed to customers on March 9th-13th and reopening in time for St Patrick's Day on the 17th later that month. Construction may take a bit longer to allow infrastructure work to be carried out properly.

The Flying Standard is known for it's Tudor-style exterior making it a well known and recognisable Coventry landmark. It is not yet confirmed whether the buyer is keen to maintain the pubs Tudor-like appearance.