Coventry University set to build a new facility and public gallery

A new addition in a series of builds within Coventry city centre

Another project is set to be built in Coventry city centre, as approval for a new state-of-the-art facility and public gallery have been granted.

Demolition for the Bugatti building on Grove Street is to be commenced on January the 29th, to make way for the new building.

The new building will provide a space to teach, which includes an immersive technology studio as well as a multi-use studio. There will also be a gallery space and a new public entrance – linking the two to the existing university buildings.

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The location of the new build

If the project is kept to the schedule, the work will be completed near the end of 2021.

Alongside this project, the Maurice Foss and Graham Sutherland buildings will be internally refurbished and linked to the new building.

The vice-chancellor of Coventry University, John Latham, commented: 'The new building and refurbishment of existing buildings will enhance our students’ experience in Coventry with advanced facilities including new studios. There will also be space for the city’s community through the creation of a public gallery'.

Overall, there has been a series of improvements within the Coventry city centre under the umbrella of Coventry University, and this is just the latest one.