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The Phoenix pub in Coventry reopens

A brand new refurb coming in hot

The Phoenix, also now 'The Campbell' (but we'll get onto that later) has officially reopened following a successful opening night on Saturday.

Situated on Gosford Street, The Phoenix is a Coventry staple for locals and students alike and the brief waiting period of three weeks has finally unveiled the snazzy new interior AND exterior just in time for the beginning of term.

With changes both to the layout of the pub and the menu, we spoke to Liam, one of the current managers of the bar mentions how it's been five years since the last refurbishment.

He told The Coventry Tab: "We just wanted to keep it fresh you know. Some things were just getting a bit tired or broken so I think it was time for a revamp."

With new decor, a new beer garden and new furniture, the local pub takes on its previous retro indie aesthetic that we all know and love, but with brand new coat of paint.

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Wes Anderson eat your heart out

As for the clarification on the name…

"So The Phoenix is both the downstairs and the upstairs of the building. We've changed the name of The Dark room club to The Campbell to give something back to the locals who would have known it as The Campbell."

The trial run for the new menu includes exciting new dishes as well as classics like the Big House Burger, and of course plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians.

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The boy's got buns for days

The Phoenix is also introducing new additions to their club nights with Campbell Wednesday featuring beer pong and corn hole.

Speaking to bar members Kerry and Izzy, their favourite aspects of the new refurb meant that The Phoenix now has allocated themes for each part of the building like a retro games room upstairs complete with a brand new pool table.

So whether you're there for a social, a pint with the lads or quick catch-up between lectures, The Phoenix will continue to rise (if you'll pardon the pun) up the ranks as a Cov classic fave.