WATCH: Footage shows debris of Callice Court burned down bedroom

The video shows the aftermath of the fire

A video, exclusively obtained by The Coventry Tab, shows the aftermath of the Callice Court room that caught fire yesterday.

Within the video, the remains of the room are covered in ash, parts of the mattress are also burned and the walls are blackened.

The video circles around the room to show the full extent of the fire, which led to students being evacuated out of Block B and relocated to a halls on the University of Warwick campus.

The full video can be seen on The Coventry Tab Instagram.

Matilda, a student living in Callice Court Block B who was affected by the fire, told The Coventry Tab: "The fire got into a vent and melted the alarm wires, it's been confirmed that the fire did damage electrics and we can only go in to collect stuff if we are escorted by security."

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Students are not allowed to sleep in Block B of Callice, so are staying in Westwood Mews Halls on Warwick campus or finding other temporary accommodation.

Matilda said: "We can either stay with a friend, go to Warwick campus or commute and they have said they will reimburse any travel. There was some debris outside the main block and it looked really burned. All the corridors and such smells really strongly of burned plastic and bonfires."

She went on to explain: "The only way I could describe the damage would be like someone had a bonfire and it had gone out."

The girl who is believed to have started the fire was not injured during the incident.

Our source said: "I'm honestly surprised she didn't have to go to hospital, if she did I'm not aware, because our bathrooms are basically just plastic panels and obviously plastic fumes are really bad for you. It must have been so scary for her because she had to walk past the on-fire bathroom to get out."

Students are estimated to be returning to Callice Court by the end of the week. We will bring you more on this story as we have it.

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