You season two showed us the seven totems of LA, but here are Coventry’s

Once you see them all you can never leave

In honour of You, everyone's favourite show to binge until Netflix shames you by asking "Are you still watching?", we have been inspired to put together our own list of rare but quintessential Coventry totems.

For those of you who haven't seen the show, totems are something that perfectly encompasses that area, but are rare, and once you've seen all them you are one with the location and can never leave.

According to the show, there are seven totems of LA (a dog in a pushchair, a rollerblader in booty shorts, a palm tree on fire, etc, you get the vibe).

But what would they be for Coventry? They're equally as weird as LA, but probably a lot grimier. Have you spotted them all?

1. A fight in the university library

It's like a right of passage that every student must witness once in their university career. Usually spotted on the third floor by the steps would be the hot spot of brawls. And yes, it needs to be seen in person, not just on our Instagram story.

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The perfect spot to watch the fight really

2. Gosford Sainsbury's closed due to a police incident

A visitor may find this slightly jarring, but if you're around Cov long enough you're bound to experience this gem of a totem. Better to watch from afar though.

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3. Friendly cathedral squirrels

Take your snaps, maybe even throw them some food or maybe just watch. These fuzzy creatures roam the garden patches and climb trees on a regular basis claiming Coventry as their home and they are unusually friendly. Almost suspiciously friendly. What do they know that we don't?

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4. The Lady Godiva hourly clock show

Yes, you walk pass it every day but only few actually know of its existence until maybe their third year into their degree. Located in the city centre, upon the stroke of every hour, Lady Godiva comes out the clock riding her horse and peeping Tom sticks his head out to watch. Yes, it's as creepy as it sounds.

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5. When Mr Kasbah recognises you

He may act like he's not happy to see you but Rax does care deep down. The day he lets you into Kasbah without the need to see your ID is one of the most important totems on this list.

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The beloved three-way toilet

6. When the JJs DJ says "Coventry let me hear you!"

You've probably heard it every week during Freshers but it took you two years to realise it cause you're usually too pissed to notice you've blessed by another totem.

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7. The Hillfields hooker

Ladies please dress appropriately around this area or you might be mistaken for one of our gems of Cov…it happens. A self explanatory totem and an obvious essential experience to be had.

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Hood Street is a popular destination in the area

Only when you have witnessed all seven totems will you become a true Cov resident.

Bonus Totems

Yes we're bending the rules a little but there are a few extra gems that only the lucky will ever get to experience during their time in Cov

• Rax in an outfit other than a suit.

• A brawl in the city centre Maccies.

• The three-way toilet in the Kasbah girl's bathroom.

• The Phoenix being empty at night.

• Seeing a rat by the library.