Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’ll get a first from Cov Uni

The question you all want the answer to

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the panic to set in. All the final year Cov students have begun to start their dissertations, some are even getting their results back and everyone’s terrified about their future after graduation. I know what you’re thinking: What grade will I graduate with? If only there was a handy quiz you could take to predict that.

What does it depend on? Number of hours at the lib, how long it takes to decide on a Sains meal deal, amount of messy Kasbah nights. And that’s just to list a few.

We’ve got you covered. Take our quiz to find out what grade we think you’ll graduate with based on the type of student you are. Even if you’re not a third year, it’s wise to take it to see if you can still save yourself.

Sorry if you get a third. We don’t make the rules.

Image Credit: Tommy Reynolds Photography.