Clubbers of the Week: Week nine

Deadlines can’t separate us from Kazzy B

Despite this week being one of the busiest weeks of the semester with deadlines coming at us thick and fast, you guys produced some real gold.

The Tab Coventry appreciates all of you, all the fits you wear, all the shapes you throw and all the drinks you spill. Check out our gallery and have a little sob if you aren't featured.

Squad of the Week

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What's a better way to celebrate I'm a Celeb than I'm a Celeb theme?!

Runners up

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Genuinely how do you even have that many mates?

Most WTF moments

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What a fuckin geezer

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Some future careers prospects there girls x

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Why does this guy love inflatables so much? Analyse (10 marks)

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I swear you lot could definitely win a few limbo competitions

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This pic is honestly a modern renaissance painting

Sleepers of the Week

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Deadlines got me like

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Babe those glasses aren't hiding anything

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Honestly guys just give me 10

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This guys already dressed for bed and all

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When he's cute but so bloody boring

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Clearly just went round the club sending birds to sleep

Best facial expressions

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This guy perfectly performed the tongue emoji for sure

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Literally every face I look at is gold

Biggest mood of the week

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Crowd surfing on a lilo? completed it mate

Meme of the week

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This guy is literally the Russian cat meme

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Biggest wankers of the week

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This is the worst boyband I've ever seen

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Accessorising with a hickey and EA7? Bro it's 2019 now you cant do that

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I don't know what it is about these guys but yeah

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Nipples, chest hair, bucket hats, shaved eyebrows all in one pic

Best Photobombs

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Gal in the background is having a rough time it seems

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Dunno who brought their dad to day sessions but crack on kids

And VOILA! That's it for Week nine, we'll be back next week for a Grad Week special so make sure you keep up the good work and do your very best to get papped!

Big love see you next week.