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Council approves plans for a supermarket to open in Bishop Gate

It’s going to be a Tesco Express

Plans to open a Tesco Express underneath Bishop Gate halls were submitted to Coventry City Council last Friday.

The plans include an application to install both illuminated and non -illuminated signs into the vacant units underneath Bishop Gate halls.

The signs are revealed to to advertise a Tesco Express. This comes after a year of empty units being available at the Bishop Gate site, with the site being constructed including approved planning permission for two commercial units.

If the documents are approved by the Council's planning department, the supermarket will be located on the corner of the site, just opposite the car park at the rear of on Pure Gym on Bishop Street.

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Luckily, the only approval needed from the council is for the signage, as the planning application would be covered by the aforementioned approval for two commercial units.

Unfortunately for us, this means we do not have access to information giving us an idea about what the store is proposed to look like, number of predicted employees or the opening times.

The decision on the application is expected by December 30th, just in time for the new year.

We will update this story when we have more information.