Every difference you notice about yourself at the start of Cov Uni VS now

The bad habits have evolved

When you left for uni you promised yourself this time you won't fuck it up. College was fun but uni is serious and you told yourself you'd take it seriously. You told yourself you'd study hard, eat healthy and smash your degree.

Four weeks in and you've left your coursework until the last minute, living off Deliveroo's and the degree is definitely not being smashed. Completely the opposite of what you planned however there are a few changes. Here is every difference you'll notice about you at the start of uni and you now.

1. Deadlines are left to the day before

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One of many all nighters in the Lanchester

In September you promised yourself that this year would be different. It's not. The goals you had have gone out the window as well as your motivation and you find yourself living in the library for the remainder of the week.

You stated off great, even leaving yourself enough time to proof read your essays before you actually submit but now it's all fallen apart. You'll find yourself stressing the night before aggressively hunting for secondary sources. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

2. Joggers and hoodies are just standard attire

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Or another fave combo, sweater and leggings

Think back to when you actually made an effort for your lectures. Walking into lectures wearing jeans, a colour coordinated t-shirt, and you even matched your socks. Yeah that really is a thing of the past.

Now you're wearing PLT joggers in different colours every day and your hoodie has ketchup down it. It's okay though because you'll definitely wash it at the weekend so the joggers are ready for next week.

3. Having next to no money left

The budgeting started so well, you planned how much you could spend per week, you had a shopping list to make sure you bought only the essentials, and now look at you.

Trying to make that £7.20 last until the end of the week is a talent that students acquire through our degree, and it's such a skill I'm considering putting it on my CV.

4. Nights out become a thing of the past

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On the plus side, think of all the money you've saved

Colly Mondays are beautiful as the drinks are cheap and it's always such a good vibe, that is until exam season starts. You can try as hard as you want to be a loyal Kazzy B fan but your essays aren't gonna write themselves.

You're now regularly taking the really grown up decision to actually stay in and catch up on your work rather than go out. Trading in a night out for a night in the library is the epitome of heartbreak. But it has to be done, anyway, you know you're never gonna miss society night.

5. Your sheets get left a little longer than 2 weeks

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The proud moment when you actually make your bed

This one is gross I know, but I think we can all relate to it. Washing your sheets roughly every two weeks tends to be a standard thing (unless you've puked on them from a night out, but that's a different story).

However, sometimes you've got way too much to do and you tell yourself you'll wash them as soon as you've cooked dinner and then you just forget. It gets to a point where you're looking at them thinking, can I get away with it for one more day? Maybe, but do yourself a favour and bung them in the wash soon.

6. Illness, everywhere

What even is an immune system? Freshers flu has hit you even if you're not a Fresher and it just never left. You started uni really healthy and now, a month later, you're sneezing and coughing every ten minutes and it doesn't look like you'll get better anytime soon.

We promise you have a slight break at Christmas where you actually feel better for a bit surrounded by real medicine, then it all starts again in January. To be honest I've just accepted a lower level of health since being at uni, facts.

7. Healthy eating? I don't know her

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That first food shop you do when you get there is perfect. All the fruit and veg, and your meal plans, you really are set to take this year by storm. You even did a food shop with your mum and had all your meals planned out.

Three weeks later and it's Nandos Deliveroo and K Rush. You've still got things in your freezer that you still haven't eaten because let's face it, you keep forgetting to defrost them. Deliveroo and Uber Eats are always here to help and there's no washing up so it's a win win really.