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I spent 24 hours in the Library, this is how I survived

Crimes committed and human rights violated

It's Friday Evening, the time is 21:00. I packed a toothbrush and toothpaste, my awesome rose gold flask filled with green tea, a fuck ton of law textbooks, my laptop, a giant blanket and some skincare products because the next 24 hours in prison, sorry, the library, is NOT going to make my skin break out.

I also brought snacks that I already started eating earlier in the day because I have no self control with some noodles for actual meals. We are ready for whatever hell comes our way.

Hour 1 – Friday 21:00

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Look at me, being a dedicated student

Morale is good, I'm feeling like I've got this in the bag and I got started on filling out the blanks in my lecture notes. So par this is a piece of cake.

Hour 3: Friday 23:07

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People are leaving and I'm still here. Also enjoyed a nice video call from my friend who ditched me here. She told me to "enjoy myself"…how sweet of her.

Hour 4: Saturday 00:00

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It's bloody freezing and most people are gone, perfect time to brush my teeth without people judging me. Did you know the security guards watch WWE Youtube videos on the library computers after hours? Lets hope them wrestling moves come in handy guys.

Hour 5: Saturday 01:00

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The lights are on but nobody's home

Client confidentiality means my lips are sealed but it's good to have company while trapped in here.

Hour 7: Saturday 03:00

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We're Law Students…don't ask me what we were doing

There was a whole lot of playing with the Library's moving shelves. Eating noodles. And then feeling guilty that I wasn't getting work done, so I did that.

It was honestly a strangely busy night. So far we've managed to get everything done…except my work.

Hour 8: Saturday 04:00

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I need an aspirin and I need it now

I'm gonna keep it real with you, I'm losing my fucking mind and I've resorted to listening to Spotify's 'Power Gaming' playlist to pretend I'm having a great time.

The library at this hour gets very VERY cold. This is the breaking point, how can anyone live in a place like this?

Hour 11: Saturday 07:00

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No, no I wasn't sleeping on the floor, I was just having a breakdown

I went to sleep in the Silent Study Area because they have those comfy pods but I was rudely awoken up by a security guard who rudely has not observed my human right to sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a known form of torture. I would press charges but I don't want them to use their WWE moves and choke slam me.

Hour 13: Saturday 09:00

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Only half way through, please kill me. The realisation that I have to do this all again is now hitting me. It shouldn't be as bad as there are people around now though.

I've moved to the Disruptive Media Lab which I NEVER go to because I'm a Law student not a Van Gogh Art Hoe or an E-Girl wannabe despite my appearance, but sometimes you need a change of scenery when you've been in the library for 12 bloody hours.

Also the faux grass makes me feel like I'm outside, it gives me hope that eventually I'll escape!

Hour 19: Saturday 15:00

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Pizza is the only thing that can save me now

It's apparently prohibited, but I don't care! My darling friends got me Dodo Pizza because you KNOW I was never going to make it through this without something to up morale.

I mean…what good are friends if not to use as Deliveroo?

Hour 22: Saturday 18:24

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She bought me a Taro Ice Blend from Royal Cha, what a babe

With less than three hours left to go, I'm left to wonder whether this experience will either make it easier to spend more time in the library or make me never want to see it again. I'm honestly so bored I feel numb.

Last Hour: Saturday 20:00

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YouTube binging, big crackhead energy

One hour left to go, I'm fed up and I've moved to the ground floor, not at all bothered anymore by the hordes of people staring at my rucksack that makes me look ragged.

I'm watching weird anime videos and other crappy memes on YouTube because I'm losing control of my life.

I bumped into a friend who didn't know I was doing this challenge. He was very concerned about my mental health and I believe the phrase "crackhead energy" was thrown around a little.

Freedom: Saturday 21:00

I now have a cold because of the antarctic temperatures in the Library at night, I have been tortured via sleep deprivation, trauma from being in a place of continuous academia and I'll be contacting my GP to organise therapy sessions.

Would I recommend checking in for a one night stay at the Hotel Lanchester? No I wouldn't. You'll wake up covered in frost from the freezing temperatures, be incredibly bored (as surprise surprise: you can't really do much at the library), and you'll be rudely woken up by pro wrestler security.

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Why on earth did I do this?