Coventry Sports Centre Is Closing And Exams Will Be Relocated

OMG no I love doing exams by the pool

It has been announced that Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre, home of the Coventry University Exam Hall will be closed down.

The building which has stood since 1962 will be closed as the council seeks new investors to find potential uses in the near future.

Coventry University has used the location in the past to host several exams leading to many students wondering where their future tests will take place. The Coventry Tab has reached out to the university for an answer.

When asked, Coventry University said 'We knew of the planned closure of the sports facility and have made alternative examination arrangements'.

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The controversial building has had a marmite effect for its bizarre look.

Currently, the fitness suite, group exercise studio, health suite and spin studio have already been closed, and more facilities have been scheduled to shut in the near future.

At present, Coventry City Council are in discussions with private investors. Earlier this year, Councillor Jim O’Boyle said that the council 'are in discussions with organisations to see the potential viability of uses for these buildings in future'.

Students will be sad to see the building go, though they undoubtedly will not miss the four mile walk where they have to pass two swimming pools, and to scale six hundred steps to get to their exam hall.