These are the wildest ways Cov students cheated in exams

We won’t tell if you don’t

From copying your mates work in school to googling the answers to a Kahoot in college, we've always cheated a little. But it's for the sake of our education so it's fine.

Cov uni students previously told us all their spicy confessions so this time, we kept it PG. Instead, we asked students if they've ever cheated in their uni exams or coursework.

Here's what they said:

I copied phase test answers

Lindsey, 19, Economics

Me and my friend were studying the same module and were really struggling with it. We found out we had a lot of phase tests coming up and agreed to do them together just to support each other so we wouldn't get stressed.

We realised that if one of us did the phase test, the other could google the answers to help. The results came up instantly as soon as you submit the test and we waited an hour so that the other one could copy the answers.

Obviously we purposely got some wrong so it wouldn't look too obvious and because we did them an hour apart, we were never caught.

I used Reddit Photoshop on my coursework

Jeremy, 21, Marketing

I had to Photoshop a picture of a girl to look like the front of a magazine cover but I couldn't get rid of the grey bits behind her hair at all.

So I went on Reddit Photoshop requests and posted the photo asking if someone could get rid of the grey background for me. They did and I put it on the front cover.

My teacher was very impressed by my supposed improvement in Photoshop skill.

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Might as well just cheat tbh

I wrote on my legs to cheat when I went to the toilet.

Carly, 22, Psychology

Someone on my course always wears jeans to exams and writes loads of references and little bits of information on their legs.

They sit down and does as many questions as they can and when they start to struggle, they to the toilet and remind themselves of everything for the exam.


I bought my exam paper from a lecturer

Mia, 20, Business Management

A group of people on my course bought an exam paper off one of the lecturers for £200 each. Word got out and it was changed the day of the exam.

We all sat the exam and noticed the questions were all worded really weird. We didn't realise it was because they were rushing to come up with new questions because someone had stolen the original exam paper.

So we all paid £200 for nothing.

I told a guy I'd sleep with him if he wrote my coursework

Katie, 21, Events Management

I once convinced a lad I'd sleep with him if he wrote all my coursework for me. I genuinely think it's the only reason I passed the module and by the end of it, I still didn't have to put out.

I got my friend to do my online maths coursework.

Maisy, 20, Biomedical Science

In my first year we had maths coursework that we had to do online and I got my friend who was a MORSE (maths, operational research, statistics and economics) student at Warwick to do it all for me.

I ended up with 90% in my coursework and 22% in the exam and I still don't know how nobody noticed.