Pool Meadow Bus Station Introduced a Knife Arch This Week

Officers were stationed there all day

A knife arch was placed in Pool Meadow bus station earlier this week as part of a campaign to tackle knife crime and youth violence across the West Midlands.

The bus station, located near Coventry Cathedral, had the knife arch inside of a bus terminal and was managed by officers from West Midlands Police and Safer Travel Police.

This comes a week after a man was arrested for carrying a spear through Coventry and was charged with possession of a weapon.

West Midlands Police did not find any weapons nor make any arrests but were engaging with passengers in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime and youth violence.

This is just one part of Project Guardian which West Midlands Police introduced earlier this year. The project has the aim of reducing 'serious violence in public spaces with a focus on reducing knife crime among young people'.

This campaign follows an earlier campaign this year, when the knife angel structure was placed outside Coventry Cathedral to raise awareness of knife crime.