The Botanist are giving away queue jump for Kasbah on Saturday nights

All you have to do is buy a cocktail

Did someone say Saturday night fever? It's simple, all you need to do is buy one cocktail at The Botanist in Cov on a Saturday night, and you'll receive a queue jump pass to Kasbah. You'll still need to pay the admission but on those busy nights, you'll be glad to have one.

Yes, your weekend is about to step up a level. Treat yourself to a fancy cocktail at The Botanist, because let's face it, you deserve it. This partnership was everything we needed and more.

Pre drinks have never been easier and nothing says Saturday nights like drinks in plant pots whilst posing on a bridge.

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Say cheese

The Botanist has a great menu of cocktails, including a gin list, which is definitely a go to on a night out. Everyone loves a cocktail (or two) and with a large variety, you really can't go wrong.

The Botanist is the best insta opportunity in Cov for that Saturday night out selfie which is just the perfect excuse to drink fancy cocktails before a night out.

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Sip, sip bish

The passes are valid all night (Kasbah last entry is 3am), which is perfect as you have plenty of time to indulge in some pretty cocktails before hitting the club.

And yes, this offer means that you won't be breaking the bank and let's be honest, this is totally an excuse to go out on both Friday and Saturday. You're welcome.