Asian Cov student receives racist Tinder messages calling her ‘stinky chinky’ and ‘piggy bank’

He said ‘all Asians look the same’ before unmatching her

Someone posing as a Coventry student has been sending racist messages to other Cov students on Tinder, it has been revealed.

In one message, the account called first year, Yovita Yashinta, "stinky chinky", to which Yovita responded: "Bitch you're fucking racist."

He then called her a "piggy bank" and allegedly added: "All asians look the same," before unmatching her.

The student whose name and pictures are associated with the account told The Coventry Tab he was not responsible for making the account or sending the messages.

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Yovita told The Coventry Tab she was confused as to why someone would go to such lengths to offend others, saying: "I felt very offended as a minority in this country.

"It does not really surprise me because most people think saying racist remarks are funny and people should not be offended.

"What made me wonder is the hassle they put in by swiping right just to say something like that. I couldn't imagine how full of anger and hatred this person is."

The student whose details and pictures were used for the account told The Coventry Tab he had spoken with Yovita to clear things up and apologise on the behalf of the fake account.

He said: "Honestly I have no idea who would do such a thing to me? Like it's made me question a lot of my friends. I'm worried that the poor lady wasn't the only one affected as well. Like there's not a lot I can do at the moment but apologise on their behalf."

It is currently unclear who set up the racist Tinder account or if it is still active.

Coventry University has been contacted for comment.

If you have come into contact with this account or have any more information, please email