Surprise! Here are all the restaurants in Cov that you didn’t know had student discount

These discounts will have you shook

Don't get me wrong, I love spoons. It's got a great atmosphere, the food and drinks are reasonably priced, and it's literally two minutes walk away from uni. However, with the recent heartbreaking news that spoons have put their prices up, I needed a speedy and cheap alternative so my bank can stop crying.

For this sole purpose, we decided to take it upon ourselves to find the best student discounts available at restaurants in Cov. We want less of those expensive, unfulfilling meal deals at the library and more good grub at a discounted price.

Most of the discounts are available Sunday to Thursday aka prime uni and library days, however it's best to check the terms and conditions on the apps before you go, we don't want to disappoint you.

First up, discounts on the Unidays app (it's free!).

Pizza Express

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The doughballs, guys. Think about the doughballs

They know where it's at with the discounts. Not only do you get 30 per cent off food, that discount also applies to drinks. I know – we could hardly believe it either.

The restaurant in Cov also has a very nice atmosphere and the staff are very welcoming. Located almost next to Earl of Mercia, if you can resist the pull of spoons, it's deffo a great place to check out. I was sold at student discount on drinks. Why did they decide to bless us like this? We may never know.

Bella Italia

Another great Italian restaurant, except this one has a discount of 50 per cent off of their classic pizzas and pasta dishes. Does this mean I can go twice and count it as only paying for one meal? I think so.

A student fave, the classic bolognese is only £4.48 with the discount, and trust me, it tastes way better than those £2.50 ready meals you get in Tesco and Sainsbury's.


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10/10 would recommend @wearezizzi ??

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Okay, I know this is getting a bit Italy centric – but it's 30 per cent off guys. I literally can't afford to eat at Zizzi's without that discount, so you needed to know too.


Providing you haven't already treated yourself to (multiple) Deliveroo orders, when you first sign up you are given money off your first few orders. Using the code provided you receive £4 off your first order, what an absolute blessing. Another alternative is to find a pal who doesn't already have an account and ask them very nicely to create one and order off of theirs.

Alternatively, if you are a serial Deliveroo-er, you might actually want to look into their subscription service where you pay a flat monthly fee and get free delivery in return. If you really get that much Deliveroo, it pays itself off pretty quickly.

Next up is discounts on StudentBeans (also free to use). With these you can redeem the discount on the app and show it to the waiter when you pay.


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Demolished in approx six minutes

With a minimum spend of £10 you can get 15 per cent off of your favourite desserts in Cov. Team up with your bestie and order together. This way you can both indulge in a chocolate waffle heaven, because hey, you deserve it!

It's cheaper than usual, and a TON cheaper than ordering off Deliveroo. It's not even that far to walk from your lectures either.

Toby Carvery

One thing you miss when you're at uni – like, really miss – is a roast dinner. Toby Carvery have saved the day with a discount of two main meals for £10, and this is including carvery.

I know, this is a God send. Because, let's face it, unless your whole house wants to spend all of Sunday cooking as a group, it's a rarity to be able to have quite possibly the best meal on earth. It's located just outside of the city (a short car/bus journey) but it is worth it for those roast puds.

Las Iguanas

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May as well get two cocktails whilst you're at it…

Did you know that along with their two for one cocktails, Las Iguanas also offers 25 per cent off the food menu? I bet you've just been going and paying for everything full price for ages like a fool – because same.

This means you can have a meal out getting shit faced on cocktails and enjoying their delicious burritos like the sophisticated students you are. Count me in.